Assalamualaikum. . . . .

Wha! I seem so surprise huh?
Yea, I made a new discovery.
I thought it WAS only 2 but actually 3.
Waa. Really didn't expect that sia. Very impressive!

My BFF at first wants to tell me something but he cancelled it.
But I can read his mind, seriously! My guess is right. It happened many times before.
What a great vision I had over him.
Anyway, I hope he'll be fine and get through his happy life as he has currently.

And one of my other friend really makes me want to throw the LCD Projector and smash it to him.
Don't try me. I can do it without doubt.
Just see what I did to you at the hall today. You want it so you get it.
Standing on the chair shamelessly and point my bloody finger at you.
But I get the 'booo!' instead. Hahaha. Hampeh betol!
It's fun but it's not intended to get famous for nothing.
I don't like doing things that people might say it as cheap publicity. WTH!

One more thing, 'Pengawas'!
Aiya! Ni de pi ku hentaya!
With all the devilries I made before and explain it to Cg Kamariah,
why is she being so hard-hearted?
What about just cancel her plan to hire me as a prefect?
Just look what I did. Come late to school, not attending 2 major meetings, not doing my duty as ordered and many more.
Don't make me choose the last choice. Adeyh! 

Da la. Cya!


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