First day of Trial PMR Examination!

Assalamualaikum . . . .

Yeah. As we know, PMR candidates around Malaysia sit for their trial examination today.
The questions from the ministry of each state. And we're Johorean from ministry of Johor la.
Today's paper is BM 2, Sejarah and BM 1.
The night before the exam, I didn't touch my book at all.
Why? Of course because I'm super duper lazy and erm . . . oh yea, I'm with my own strategy.
I'll rise again and make it like "KABABOOM!" for the real exam.

Ok ok. My lucky number this time is 012. And something like 021012. I don't remember.
Aiya, so siaoley la need to pay 1 ringgit coz forgot to bring I/C.
Nvm le.

Answering BM paper 2 for section C just now was like a total mess.
So blurr la. Where did all the ideas went for vacation huh?
As a result, I only make a total of 226 words only. Which is not very excellent for my teacher.
The rest section I think it's already fine.

Aiya, the most hated exam paper la.
But I'm gonna like it soon.
Ok, this time it's really difficult one.
Well, the reason is well known already. I didn't read my book at all.
Just leave it to Allah je la. Hahaha.

BM paper 1.
Quiet easy but also got some tricky questions.
Nvm le. I did my best.
There's nothing to be read for BM paper 1.
I just need to focus what my cikgu tersayang teach us.

That's all for today's review.
Oh yea, I've listened to SS's new songs.
And they're all extremely SUPERB!
For emo lover, is just suite you well.
Hahaha. Lalala. I'm off. o/


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