Selamat tinggal selamanya, PMR ~

Assalamualaikum . . . .

Yea. Today seemed to be a historic day, for me.
Why? You'll know if you keep on reading. Haha.
BTW, what actually am I doing till this 3-4 am? Hahaha.
If it's in my MySpace blog, I'll say something like 'berangan and termenung'
But this time, my answer will be different. I'm working on something.
Doing a research to gain my knowledge. Hahaha. Dah dah. Terus baca.

Well, just now's evening when all these IT things (PC & Laptop) were still in used by my sepupu and my akak,
then the spirit of evil suddenly comes strongly right into my soul. 
Well, actually it's not really evil b'cause there's some benefit of that evil act. 
Eh, how could that be? Evil brings benefit? Argh! Lupakan!

What kind of benefit that I meant earlier?
Ok, my room which is just tidied up by someone (if I'm not mistaken) last week
 has already return to its old condition. Such a mess!
Then I set my mind to make a transformation of the room. It's just a minor transformation ok.
I gathered all of my PMR's question papers from my table and from some kind of unusual places for papers
all together and I was thinking of something like FIRE.
Well, evil is always related to fire and red right. That what was I.

I keep thinking and thinking not-stoply and this thought crossed my mind.
'There's no use for all these papers to be stored here anymore. Let's just make them disappear forever".
Then I asked my sepupu for a lighter (he's a smoker) but he said he got nothing.
Fortunately, his friend came here and he got one.  Hahaha.
So there's nothing to be waited anymore.
Let's get this job done.
Oh yea, Khalid was also there as he hang-out here for awhile after I accompanied him to Pontian in morning.
I asked him out and get the most strategic place for the papers to be burnt.

And the fire's on. The papers are burning!
And my face reaction was like an empty empty air.
Sad or happy? Neither. I feel nothing at all. Faceless face. Haha.
Here's some shot of the 'burning paper's. >:-)

Khalid memperagakan kertas soalan trial Science

Bahan-bahan yang akan dibakar

Lagi gambar . . .

Jadual rasmi peperiksaan PMR 2010

The fire's on!

Keep on burning!

Burn it down!

Soalan Pasak Mathematic dalam keadaan yang amat hina

Aku lupa ni kertas soalan ape.

Hahahaha! Last view of soalan Pasak PMR Math!

Hot ticket pon jadi mangsa jugak?

Markah Science paper 2 yang cuma dapat 52/60
Markah Math trial PMR yang dapat 59 out of 60. Pergh!

Khalid dengan muka tak berperasaannya.

Selamat tinggal

Selamat tinggal ~

Waah! I feel so calm when I look at my desk. It's free from that PMR things. Oh yea. And enjoy the 3-minutes-video as well.

So, I'm so evil that day right? Afraid of me? Well you should! Hahaha.
That will be all for now. I'm gonna come back some more with something to share.
Cya! Assalamualaikum.

P.S : 
I almost get my Saintis Muda Peringkat Negeri certificate burnt. Luckily I spotted that from the gathering papers. Phew!


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