Ugh! My world upside down!


This post gonna be the light writing from me of what exactly happen to me right now.

All I want to say is currently I feel extremely boring. Why? Because I'm losing 'a part of my life'. And this seems to be continue. What I mean is my time for my 'life' that is internet indirectly been discarded by my anak2 buah for them to play game. Argh! Apakah! The pic above tells everything.

I can live without my phone (except for music) but without internet for research & entertainment, I'm totally nothing. These kids conquer every single second in front of this PC.

I don't really mind about it. B'cause I still can borrow my sepupu's lappy. Haha. I don't care if they want to play till the PC explode. The thing is I don't really mind about the computer.

But the main thing here is when orang tua tak guna which WAS my pakcik (as long as he's not returning my netbook, in my mind he has nothing to do with me) and also a stranger, still hasn't return my netbook. If I meet him later, I promise I got something for him. And that something will surely not good for him.
Argh! I miss the moment of 1st July this year. Haizz


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